Sunday, August 21, 2016

Don't like the Solar Lease or PPA : Welcome to $60 solar : JCPL Sungage Solar Program

So you are not sure if the solar lease / PPA is for you.  Perhaps you want to buy a system but you don't want spend a lot of money. This JCPL ACE Sungage Program might be your answer. Its inexpensive and ends in just 10 years.

If you are an homeowner with  JCPL or ACE  as your electric utility and your household income is $75,000 or more you can get your solar system at $ 60 per month or lower.


You earn a guaranteed income every month from JCPL  as they buy your SREC's. Your monthly loan payments for the solar system are thus reduced to $60 or less.  Here is an example - see how your $200 electric bill goes down to just $50 per month.

No other costs. No hidden charges. Its the best way to go solar if you are a JCPL or ACE utility customer. The only qualification criterion are a household income of $75,000 or more per month. Give us a call at 609 945 2591 x 101 and ask about the JCPL or ACE solar program.

Ampericon will apply for and get you approved for this program. You will have no out of pocket costs. You will only pay $50 a month ( for the example above) once the system is installed for 10 years.  Interested give me a call at 609 945 2591 x 101 or email me at

Anjan Saikia
Keeping Solar Simple

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